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Light is Energy, Light is Love and Presence


Core Light Metaphor | by author

Light is highly organized energy often synonymous with love. Contrary to popular thinking the opposite of love is not hate, the opposite of love is fear from which hate springs. Fear is a divisive emotion filled with chaos that may or may not include hate both of which expends energy in obsessive addictive patterns.

The opposite of light in our universe is darkness. We would not be able to identify the darkness without light. It could be said that light holds darkness. But darkness cannot hold the light.

Scientists have discovered neurons in the human heart that operate to help regulate the electrical impulses of the heart muscle and something else. (These neurons have longer dendrites than those found in the neocortex.) If the neurons of the heart are also responsible for the seat of emotions and all emotions spring from love and its opposites then to ally with the highest organization of energy of the heart we then find love.

One way to recognize this higher organization of energy or love in the heart is through a simple exercise I invite you to engage in as an experiment. The breath on a basic physiological level is intrinsically linked with the operation of our heart. Breath or the act of breathing — a part of the autonomic nervous system that happens beyond our conscious control — and a good thing too. In esoteric spirituality the breath is synonymous with Spirit. Spirit may be equated with the Divine or it may simply relate to highly organized photons of light or electromagnetic energy (a form of light) in the invisible field surrounding our body. When these photons of light or the Divine combine with the seat of emotions — our heart; life continues.

By adding awareness to the process of breathing in and out the action of higher forms of organization — photons of light or the Divine create a physical sensation or vibration of love — in our heart. Without an applied awareness the process of love falls into a lower vibration of automatic processes known as the autonomic nervous system.

The immediate tendency when engaging in the processes of this exercise is to take control of it — an ego function. I invite to resist the control aspect and allow a soft gentle awareness to follow or to witness your breath. The beauty of this inner exercise is that you may do it anywhere without anyone noticing that your doing it. However, since this may be your first time I invite you to turn off or mute your smartphone or cell, silence your tablet or laptop and sit quietly by yourself where you won’t be disturbed for 10 to 15 minutes.

The “I-AM” Exercise

Observe your breath moving in and out of your body. Your first inclination will be to take control of your breath. That’s okay, but it will expend more energy and make it more difficult to notice what else is happening. Imagine, metaphorically speaking that you are stepping back and just observing your breath moving in and out of your body.

Direct your attention to your heart center (or heart chakra) at your sternum or between your breasts or pectoral muscles.

On the in-breath while keeping your attention on your heart center say silently to yourself or think the word: “I”

On the out-breath maintaining your focus on your heart center say silently to yourself or think the word: “Am”.

Continue to follow this cycle: Breathing-in “I”. Breathing-out “am”

This may produce a sensation, resonance or special attention in your heart center.

Sometimes this can be very subtle and focusing intently you may miss it. Like any spiritual practice or inner exercise, it takes patience and observation with your full sensory awareness without trying to take control of it. This is a subtle process of awareness that does not require intense, focused, hard work at least in the way we ordinarily think of hard work.

Once you become aware of the sensation in your heart center allow it to grow if it can.

People who live in their heads — intellectuals may not feel anything at all. Usually this is due to trying to make sense of it cognitively. This is a sensory experience. If you need something to work on, work on relaxing and releasing your tense muscles throughout your body and work with the exercise again, later.

Be kind and gentle with yourself. Inner exercises like this one are called “practices” because its something that needs practicing from a gentle witness place in us.



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